Senator Dave Syverson Co-Sponsoring Legislation to Allow Voters to Eliminate Lieutenant Governor’s Office

SPRINGFIELD- Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) is co-sponsoring legislation to allow voters in Illinois to eliminate the Lieutenant Governor’s office next year. Senator Syverson is part of a bipartisan list of nearly 30 Senators who want to give voters the opportunity to eliminate the office.

House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 18 has already passed the Illinois House.

“Constitutionally, the duties of Lieutenant Governor are very limited,” said Senator Syverson. “We have been sent to Springfield with a responsibility to make government more efficient. Giving voters the opportunity to eliminate this mostly ceremonial office would save taxpayers millions of dollars.”

In the current fiscal year, the Lieutenant Governor’s salary is $135,900 and total office appropriation is about $2 million. Most of those costs would be eliminated.

If the Senate passes the legislation, a referendum could appear on ballots statewide in November 2014. If approved by voters, the Lieutenant Governor’s Office would cease to exist in January 2019.

If approved by voters, the Attorney General would become second in line to the Governor’s office.

Dave Syverson

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