Senator Dave Syverson Says Magazine Ban Will Have No Impact

SPRINGFIELD– State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) says a proposed ban on so-called “high capacity” magazines on firearms is a toothless piece of legislation that won’t cut down on gun crimes just further prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.  

Senate Bill 1002 passed the Senate Executive Committee Monday. It would ban in-state purchases guns that have magazines which hold more than ten rounds of ammunition. It does not ban possession of high capacity devices and grandfathers all existing magazines. 

“If someone wants to go across state lines to purchase a high capacity magazine, they’re free to do so,” said Senator Syverson. “It doesn’t take any magazines off the streets and won’t do a thing to actually prevent crime.”

Syverson says most magazines do not contain serial numbers, making it impossible to track the location of purchase or whether a magazine is grandfathered in under the new law or not.

“If the leaders in the Senate were serious about curbing gun violence in Illinois, and especially in Chicago, they would be more interested in enforcing existing gun laws and punishing those who traffic guns illegally,” said Syverson. “To force through ‘feel good’ legislation that has no impact without actually tackling the violence problem in this state is shameful. “

Syverson says the legislation allows those in law enforcement and those who protect elected officials to carry handguns that hold more than 15 rounds.

“If law enforcement officials who are trained extensively need 15 rounds or more to protect elected officials, then why would we not afford the same opportunity to law-abiding citizens who want to protect themselves or their families?” Syverson asked. 

Syverson says it’s ironic that the sponsor of the bill will add exemptions to the ban for movies and television shows which are filmed in the state. He says the sensationalizing of crime and gun use in movies and television have stated those forms of entertainment may lead to increased crime.

The full Senate is expected to vote on the legislation later this week.  

Dave Syverson

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