Senator Dave Syverson Says State Police Providing More Concealed Carry Details

SPRINGFIELD– With many uncertainties concerning the new Right-to-Carry law in Illinois, Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) is encouraging local residents to visit a new Illinois State Police (ISP) Web site specifically created to answer some of the most common questions about the new law.

Visit the ISP Web site at and follow the “Concealed Carry” link in the right sidebar for information on qualifying and applying for a license, associated costs, regulations and prohibitions and more. 

“Whether they are interested in applying for a license or not, we’re finding out many people have questions about the law. The State Police site is a good place to learn more about the details of the law, the upcoming application process, and the necessary requirements to obtain a license,” said Senator Syverson.

The Web site also provides information on necessary firearms training, the type of firearms residents will be allowed to carry, information for businesses and property owners, and how long it may take to receive a concealed carry license.

Syverson says while ISP has begun working on establishing the licensure process, at this time it is still illegal to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois.

“The state police are currently taking necessary time to put the law into place so they can be sure the process for licensure runs as smoothly as possible for everyone, and that those who receive a license meet the mandatory qualifications,” Syverson said. “I encourage gun owners to be patient while this process takes place.”

ISP estimated that it could take six months to set up the system, and another three months to process and screen applicants. 

Dave Syverson

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