Senator Dave Syverson Statement on Governor’s State of the State Address

SPRINGFIELDState Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) released the following statement Wednesday following Governor Pat Quinn’s annual State of the State address, saying Quinn should put more focus on governing:

“Pat Quinn became Governor of our state exactly five years ago today. He has had ample time to implement his economic agenda and plans to make Illinois a better state. Unfortunately, he has failed at nearly every level. 


Five years into the Quinn administration, Moody’s predicts Illinois 50th in job growth for 2014. Illinois had the second highest migration in the country in 2013. We’re worst in the nation in state debt, have billions in unpaid bills, and have already endured the largest tax increase in Illinois history.


Instead of working toward creating middle class jobs, Governor Quinn’s economic response is to raise the minimum wage. Real progress is creating jobs you can raise a family on with dignity.

Governor Quinn’s economic policies have not worked. We must ask ourselves if Illinois should continue down the path to insolvency. It is time to implement economic policies that raise up the middle class, create good-paying jobs for Illinoisans and help create an environment in which people can trust their government to operate efficiently.”

Dave Syverson

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