Sen Syverson Sponsors Legislation to Save Bake Sales and Lemonade Stands from “Big Brother” Government


Sen Syverson Sponsors Legislation to Save Bake Sales and Lemonade Stands from “Big Brother” Government
And just when you thought Illinois couldn’t make our jobs climate worse…

Springfield- Senator Dave Syverson is sponsoring new legislation that would protect bake sales, lemonade stands, and young entrepreneurial bakers from yet another attempt at government overreach.

“This whole thing started when the Madison County Health Department decided to crack down on a 12-year-old from Southern Illinois who was selling cupcakes,” Senator Syverson said. “A common sense solution was introduced in the House but was quickly soured by changes to the legislation by Democrat Senators who believe the state needs to be a “Big Brother” to grandmas and Girl Scouts.”

The new amendment filed by Syverson and a number of other Republican Senators to HB5354 that would allow individuals to make and sell food products from home kitchens, as long as they sold less than $250 worth of products per month. (current law requires licensing if $1 is made) 

 “I’m not sure why the state is so worried about the time-honored tradition of children selling cookies and lemonade,” said Syverson. “Our legislation will protect the entrepreneurial spirit of home kitchens, and will block a big-brother style attempt at government overreach.” 

 When it was passed by the Illinois House, the measure would have allowed smaller bake sales or lemonade stands to operate without the burdensome rules, provided customers were made aware of the home made nature of the items. However, once it started working its way through the Senate, it became loaded down with changes that would have banned all Illinois citizens from making and selling cupcakes, cookies, and cakes if they were sold either directly or indirectly, unless the individuals took an 8 hour class from the state, paid for and obtained a license, and labeled all items using strict state guidelines.

“It is frustrating that the state does not have the manpower or resources to meet the core needs of its citizens, yet somehow seems to have enough money to go after the Girl Scouts and grandma for baking a few cupcakes,” said Syverson. “This is a common sense solution to stop the government from sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Dave Syverson

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