Week in Review: Sept. 8-12

Illinois has received some encouraging economic news lately, with recent drops in the state’s historically high unemployment rate and other signs that an improving national economy may finally be boosting the state’s outlook, State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) said.

But, two new reports serve as reminders of how far the state still must go to get its financial house in order. A report from the legislature’s bi-partisan financial forecasting agency shows a drop in state tax revenues during the first two months of the new fiscal year and a report from Moody’s Investor Services highlights just how deeply in debt state and local pension systems are in Illinois, when compared to other states.

Also during the week, the nation’s largest organization of small businesses announced that all Republican members of the Illinois Senate had received the “Guardian of Small Business” award from the Illinois chapter of the National Federation of Small Business (NFIB). The honor is based on a review of key votes affecting small business and their employees.

“I am very proud to be one of the few to have a 100% voting record for my support of small businesses,” said Sen. Syverson. “Improving our economy means we have to create a positive environment for small-business growth.”

Ben Carson speaks to sell-out crowd at annual luncheon

Last week Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the annual Salvation Army Luncheon in Rockford. “Here is a man that grew up in a poor single parent home in Detroit, but chose to not let barriers stop him and became the worlds most renowned neurosurgeon at John Hopkins,” said Senator Syverson. “If you have not read any of his books or heard him speak I would urge you to Google him.”

“The insidious nature of socialism, cloaked in a facade of compassion, makes it very dangerous to an uneducated and trusting populace. And as socialism creates dependency, it is well on its way to eliminating freedom of choice and incentives for high productivity and innovation.”
Ben Carson, America the Beautiful: Rediscovering What Made This Nation Great

Dave Syverson

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