Senator Syverson’s response to Governor Bruce Rauner’s State of the State Address

“Today’s speech was a watershed moment for the State of Illinois,” said State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford). “We finally have a governor who not only realizes the scope of the massive challenges facing our state, but one who is willing to take the difficult steps needed to truly make a difference. The financial mess left from former Governor Quinn’s irresponsible spending will require some painful and difficult decisions to fix. In the coming weeks and days, we will see more details of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s plans as the proposals become actual legislation. We may not all agree with every component of every idea he has presented, but we are looking at the real foundation for turning Illinois around. Governor Rauner has the experience and the courage to work to improve our economic growth, which currently lags far behind our neighboring states. We can, and must, remove unneeded bureaucracy and red tape so that every bit of our citzens’ tax dollars are spent more efficiently. Our shamefully high workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance rates must be reduced. We can’t remain a haven for frivolous lawsuits. If we can make Illinois more business-friendly, we will become a more attractive location for expansion and relocation. This is what must happen to truly grow our economy. I look forward to working with this administration and my colleagues across the aisle to make these ideas a reality.”

Dave Syverson

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