Senator Syverson decries upcoming “business as usual” budget

SPRINGFIELD – It’s “business as usual” in Springfield according to State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) who says he has reason to believe that Illinois Democrats are about to try to propose yet another unbalanced budget and plan to leave Springfield without passing any of the reforms needed to get Illinois back to work. Senator Syverson described the upcoming budget proposal as likely including several billion more dollars of spending than revenue.

“They’re going to pass a sham budget that is even more unbalanced than what they rammed through last year,” said State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford). “This is just a continuation of what they’ve been doing for 12 years, creating an even bigger backlog of unpaid bills that will hurt private human service programs the most, and will continue to put vendors out of business.”

According to Syverson, the aftermath of a similarly unbalanced budget led to the FY15 budget crisis, which required multiple votes to patch funding, cuts to services, and an unexpected revenue windfall to finally repair.

“Last fall the voters made it clear that they’ve had enough of the business as usual attitude that has permeated Springfield,” said Senator Syverson. “They elected a governor who said our focus has to be on improving our jobs climate to keep employment opportunities in our state. It’s clear by the last 12 years that you cannot tax or borrow your way into prosperity, but Illinois can grow its way out of the economic mess it finds itself in.”

Senator Syverson has encouraged Democrat leaders to stay as long as it takes and work with Republicans toward reforming state government, improving the climate for job growth, and passing a truly balanced budget.

“Everyone knows we need job reforms and a balanced budget,” said Senator Syverson. “It’s time to put the people and their economic well-being ahead of political posturing and games.”

Senator Syverson discusses legislation on the floor of the Illinois Senate.

Dave Syverson

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