End of session brings uncertainty to state

SPRINGFIELD – With the Spring legislative Session about to end on May 31st, State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) says lawmakers and citizens are left with uncertainty.

“So far we’ve seen no agreement between Democrat leadership and Governor Rauner on a balanced budget and important job reforms for this state,” said Senator Syverson. “If the Democrats hold their course we will be left with a budget that is underfunded by nearly $3 billion. This unconstitutional budget will leave families, teachers, businesses and state employees uncertain about what the future actually holds.”

Senator Syverson noted that Governor Bruce Rauner has pledged to veto an unbalanced budget, and expects Democrats to return to the negotiating table to work on key reforms to improve Illinois’ jobs climate.

In 2014, Democrats rammed through an unbalanced budget that led to cuts to critical human service programs. Senator Syverson says that would likely be the result of another unbalanced budget.

“It’s not fair to leave our citizens in this position again. Short sighted budgeting like this threatens mental health, autism, senior programs, and a host of other desperately needed services,” said Senator Syverson. “Without reforms to our broken state, we can’t expect to improve our economy and create new, good paying jobs. It’s time for Democrats to listen to their constituents, and negotiate in good faith with the Governor to move our state forward.”


Dave Syverson

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