Senator Syverson statement on passage of unbalanced short-term budget

“We’re now more than two weeks into Fiscal Year 2016 with no balanced budget or pro-job reforms,” said State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford). “So instead of taking up a plan for a balanced budget, as required by the constitution, Democrat leaders instead rammed through a smaller piece of their unbalanced budget and then worked to override the Governor’s vetoes on the nearly $4 billion unbalanced Democrat budget. It’s very clear, they are still only concerned with spending more money than the state takes in. They have plans to do it for 12 months, or just 30 days at a time. Either way, we can’t promise money that the state doesn’t have, it just creates uncertainty for employees and citizens who rely on important services. The citizens of Illinois deserve better. They deserve action, not continued political games from Democrat leaders.”

Dave Syverson

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