Sen Syverson statement on Senate override vote on SB2043

“This is one of those actions that will make college students feel good briefly, right up until the point they find out that the money isn’t actually there to fund their MAP grants. This is another empty promise from a Democrat majority that is all too fond of making them,” said State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford). “We offered multiple alternatives that would actually provide funding for MAP grants and even for all of higher education. But Democrats have shown again that they are only interested in writing rubber checks. They have refused to call a vote to raise revenue through taxes and they have rejected every other proposal that would actually provide funding. This is a sad day for our students and vendors who will now be expecting money that still isn’t coming. I once again plead for Speaker Madigan and his lawmakers to come back to the table so we can actually fund higher education.”

Dave Syverson

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