Senator Syverson- Congratulates Rockford-based “Cheap Trick”

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) says the 2016 celebration of the state’s annual “Cheap Trick Day” on April 1st sets the stage for even bigger success for the legendary band.

The band is releasing their newest album, “Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello” and performing live at the Metro in Chicago on April 1st. Just one week later on April 8th, the members of Cheap Trick will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. 

“The amazing worldwide success this band has earned is an inspiration to people the world over, but especially in Rockford,” Sen. Syverson said. “It’s amazing that even with all of their fame, they are still grounded and connected and living in their hometown of Rockford.”

Cheap Trick is credited with with over 6,000 performances, 21 million records sold, appearances on 29 movie soundtracks, and 40 gold and platinum record awards. In 2007, Senator Syverson passed legislation into law declaring every April 1st as “Cheap Trick Day” in Illinois.

Below is a letter from Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner congratulating the band.

Dear Members of Cheap Trick:

As Governor of the State of Illinois, I am pleased to congratulate Cheap Trick on more than four decades of success in the music industry. It’s also my honor to help celebrate April 1 as “Cheap Trick Day” in the State of Illinois, as designated by the Illinois Legislature in 2007.

Since your start in the City of Rockford in the early 1970s, Cheap Trick has become one of the most prolific musical groups in the nation. Your induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this month is long overdue. And your release today of yet another new album, “Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello”, further illustrates your continuing popularity and success.

But despite your monumental achievements in the music industry, you still consider the City of Rockford and the State of Illinois home. On behalf of the people of Illinois, I offer my best wishes for many more memorable performances and for years of continued success.


Bruce Rauner

Governor, State of Illinois

Dave Syverson

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