Syverson: New budget proposal is major step forward

SPRINGFIELD –State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) says a new package of bills filed in the Senate potentially marks the path toward ending the state’s current budget impasse.

This is a broad, ambitious package of legislation that could be the way forward,” said Senator Syverson. “I don’t agree with every single thing in these bills, but it marks a true bipartisan approach to dealing with major issues.”

The proposals not only create a balanced full-year budget, but the bills also contain several popular bipartisan reforms, including term limits for legislative leaders, workers compensation reform, mandate relief, and a plan to help aid local government consolidation.

“This marks the first time that we’ve seen a proposal that connects a budget with matching revenue, so that we will have a truly balanced budget,” said Senator Syverson. “For our struggling human service providers, colleges, and schools, it will create a stable funding environment, so they can keep their doors open.”

The group of bills also contain language that links them together, so that none can take effect unless all are passed into law. The bills can’t be passed before the end of the lame duck session, but will be re-filed on January 11th, when the new General Assembly is sworn in. Syverson noted that will give the public time to see what is in the bills, a rare occurrence in Illinois.

For too long lame-duck lawmakers have rammed through major legislation without accountability,” said Senator Syverson. “It’s very important this time that the process will have some sunshine, and people will have the ability to really vet the bills before anyone takes a vote on them.”

Dave Syverson

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