Syverson: Components of bipartisan budget proposal move forward

SPRINGFIELD – The Illinois State Senate has advanced several bills that are part of an ambitious package of legislation aimed at not only reforming state government, but ending the long budget impasse. According to State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) the legislation also gives the Rockford area a major economic boost.

This is how we move forward, and this marks significant progress,” said Senator Syverson. “This isn’t a perfect plan, but it takes important steps toward finally dealing with problems that have plagued the state for too long.”

One of the bills in the package includes Senator Syverson’s gaming bill. This legislation would allow for a casino in the Rockford area, as part of a statewide gaming expansion, which is something that Senator Syverson has spent more than 10 years working toward. 

“A Rockford Casino would mean millions for our area and create hundreds of full time good paying jobs,” said Senator Syverson. “It’s great to clear this major hurdle, but we still have a long way to go to get this signed into law.”

The package also includes a number of wide-ranging reform proposals including a new process to help speed up local government consolidation efforts. Another bill would streamline the procurement process, potentially saving local governments $440 million per year.

In addition, the legislation would create a full budget for the current fiscal year, providing crucial funding to important human service programs, colleges and universities, as well as struggling companies that do business with the state.

“Our human service programs have been hit hard, with many important programs shutting down due to the state not paying its bills,” said Senator Syverson. “This will create stability for everyone who depends on the state, help grow jobs, and provide a huge opportunity for Rockford with the potential for casino revenue.”

Dave Syverson

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