Ridiculous legislation being pushed in Springfield this year

It’s been said you are never safe when the legislature is in session, and that’s very evident by looking at some of the legislation introduced this year in Springfield.

SPRINGFIELD – Taxpayer funds could be used to fund political campaigns while state revenue is slashed, and pets could receive court-appointed special advocates, if some of the Illinois General Assembly’s worst bills make it to law this spring, according to State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford).

“Our job is to make government more efficient, accountable, and transparent,” said Sen, Syverson. “Yet every two years, we see a new crop of ridiculous legislation pop up in Springfield.”

Senate Bills 1424 and 2026 would likely worsen the state’s fiscal position by increasing costs and reducing revenue if they were signed into law. The first, Senate Bill 1424 would require the state to fund political campaigns. This would be done by the state matching all contributions up to $150 with a 6 to 1 match for state races. The estimated cost per year would exceed $10 million dollars.

SB 2026 would drop the tax on condoms to just 1%, with an estimated drop in revenue of close to $2.8 million per year.

“We are in a historic budget crisis and yet some legislators think funding campaigns and not taxing condoms are more important than paying bills, schools and social services” said Senator Syverson. “This is the type of ludicrous logic that has made our state the laughingstock of the country.”

Syverson noted that there are a slew of other bills that have the public scratching their heads and saying, “really?” A couple of examples:

Senate Bill 1442 would set up a process for courts to appoint special legal advocates (CASA) for animals in cases involving the injury, health, or safety of the animal, and would require the Department of Agriculture to compile a list of attorneys and law students from each county who could serve as the advocates for animals.

Senate Bill 1342 would ban elephant travel for events including circuses, carnivals, and mobile petting zoos.

“I love my pets, just as most people do, but I don’t believe we should create a system where courts give them attorneys and benefits that many human victims don’t even get. It’s no wonder why elected officials have such poor public ratings  These bills, in addition to all the bills that further expand government’s influence and control over people’s lives show what’s wrong with our system,” said Senator Syverson. “We should instead be passing legislation that grows jobs, fixes revenue, balances the budget, and reduces the unaffordable size of government.”

Dave Syverson

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