Syverson co-sponsors legislation increasing awareness of Scott’s Law

In an effort to make the roadways safer for Illinois’ public servants, State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) is sponsoring legislation aimed at educating and reminding Illinois’ drivers about Scott’s Law.

Senate Bill 947 would require the Secretary of State to include in each registration renewal notice a reminder of Scott’s Law, which states that drivers should move over and slow down when approaching an emergency vehicle. The measure also adds a question about Scott’s Law to the driver’s exam.

“These are some commonsense changes in the law that will help remind and educate drivers of the requirement to move over when approaching an emergency vehicle,” said Syverson. “It also remind motorists that there are legal consequences for violating the law and unnecessarily endangering law enforcement and other emergency personnel.”

The legislation was a direct response to the recent tragic fatalities of three Illinois State Troopers, all happening within the year. In total, the number of troopers hit by vehicles has drastically increased in 2019, with 16 reported incidents in the past three months. In 2018, eight troopers were hit; 12 were hit in 2017; and five in 2016.

“Distracted driving is something we can prevent and by following Scott’s Law and exercising responsible caution, we can help ensure our police officers and first responders are safer,” said Syverson. “Senate Bill 947 is just a small way that we can educate motorists and do more to raise awareness.”

Senate Bill 947 received unanimous support in the Senate on April 12.The legislation is now headed to the Illinois House for consideration in that chamber.

Dave Syverson

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