SENATE WEEK IN REVIEW: Oct. 14 – 18, 2019

During the upcoming fall veto session, during which they generally take actions on bills vetoed by the Governor, Illinois lawmakers could also be asked to consider a proposal to consolidate suburban and downstate pension plans, and new bills being filed by lawmakers.

The fall veto session is scheduled for Oct. 28-30, and Nov. 12-14.

As Veterans Day approaches, Senate Republicans are asking their constituents to share a photo and tribute to a loved one who has served in the United States Armed Forces to be displayed in the Capitol.

And an Illinois-based company is taking steps to fight the nation’s opioid crisis.

Consolidating pension plans: Pros and cons

A recent proposal from the Governor’s office to consolidate about 650 suburban and downstate police and fire pension plans is already generating debate.

Proponents say consolidating the funds will generate greater returns at lower costs. More assets to invest have the potential to achieve greater returns. Consolidating the boards and administrative functions should cut costs.

Opponents says that the recommended consolidations affect only 5.5 percent of the Illinois’ nearly $200 billion pension debt. A false perception of progress could be used to ignore the need to fix the entire problem.

Both proponents and opponents should be allowed sufficient time to study this plan and talk with lawmakers about the pros and cons of the proposal.

Senate Republicans encourage constituents to share stories for Veterans Day

As part of the Veterans Day “Wall of Honor” in the Illinois State Capitol, families are asked to submit photos and written stories (maximum of 250 words) with the following information:

Military branch (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, Navy)
Conflict served (Afghanistan, Iraq, September 11, Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea, WWII, WWI, Peacetime, other).
Military photos are preferred, but not necessary.

Please email submissions to by Nov. 3.  Submissions can also be mailed to Veterans Day Wall, 309 G Statehouse, Springfield, IL 62706.  For questions, call 217-782-7330.

The tributes and pictures will be displayed on the Veterans Day “Wall of Honor” in the State Capitol Nov. 4-15. 

For those who submit a tribute and would like to visit the Capitol to see their loved ones story on display, you can check out this video before you travel to Springfield.

Disposal sites for unwanted medications

State Senator Dave Syverson is reminding residents of resources available of them to dispose of unwanted medications, including controlled substances.

Walgreens announced during the week its success with providing disposal sites for unwanted medications. Its safe medication disposal kiosk program has collected and safely disposed of more than 885 tons of unwanted prescriptions as of Aug. 31.

The nearly 1,500 safe medication disposal kiosks through the nation can be found by searching for “drug drop off near me” or “medication disposal near me” in Google or Google Maps.

Walgreens can also dispense naloxone, including FDA-approved Narcan nasal spray, without requiring a prescription. Naloxone is a lifesaving medication that if administered in time can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose.

More information about these efforts is available at

Dave Syverson

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