Sign the petition to demand anti-corruption reform

As the Fall Veto Session approaches, the Illinois Senate Republican Caucus is encouraging the public to sign their petition urging Democrats to end their stall tactics and take up real anti-corruption reform.

In the last year, four Illinois democrat legislators have been indicted on charges ranging from bribery to ghost payrolling and federal tax evasion. Another, Speaker Madigan, is under investigation as part of what could possibly be the largest bribery scheme in Illinois state government history. In that time, not a single piece of anti-corruption legislation has been signed into law.

Additionally, last veto session, democrats ignored the calls from Senate Republicans for reform, and instead, created the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform which, a year later, has failed to submit a final report and hasn’t even met since March 5.

Ahead of veto session, Senate Republicans have put forward a common-sense package that would hold legislators accountable and enhance the laws that are already on the books.

Reforms are on the table and action should be taken now.

If you agree, sign the petition here. 

Dave Syverson

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