Syverson condemns dangerous, costly legislation during Lame Duck Session

As the clock ticks down toward the end of Lame Duck Session, State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) is voicing his opposition to Democrat lawmakers’ dangerous fixation on pushing through radical multibillion-dollar legislation in the limited time that remains.

“Instead of focusing on supporting our business community and thinking through the long-term consequences of their actions, Democrats are ramming through radical proposals that will put Illinoisans on the hook for billions of dollars,” said Sen. Syverson. “There are several unrealistic and costly measures on the table that aren’t being given the time to thoroughly think through or garner public feedback. If the taxpayers are going to have to shoulder the tax burden created by these bills, then they should be able to voice their opinions.”

Measures being pushed by Democrat lawmakers in the final two days of Lame Duck Session include:

·         House Bill 163, which Senator Syverson has condemned as a dangerous criminal justice proposal that would endanger citizens and essentially defund the police.

·         House Bill 2685, which mandates an $80 billion unfunded water program on local governments that will increase water rates or dramatically increase property taxes.

·         House Bill 3840, which will cost billions of dollars while placing unfunded requirements on daycares struggling to get by with COVID-19 restrictions potentially further limiting working families and terminates managed care.

“We are attempting to recover from a global pandemic, which has already cost the citizens of this state so much,” said Sen. Syverson. “And Democrat lawmakers are choosing to prioritize tax increases and unrealistic legislation above fixing our economy. It’s inexcusable. “

Lame Duck Session is scheduled to resume on January 11 and will end January 12.

Dave Syverson

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