Senator Syverson reacts to Budget Address

Lawmakers across the state watched from their respective districts as the Governor delivered a combined State of the State and Budget Address virtually to members of the General Assembly on February 17.

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) issued the following statement following the address:

“The COVID-19 health crisis upended the lives of people across the world almost a year ago and has continued to create hardships for Illinois’ families and businesses. Unfortunately, the day-to-day challenges of navigating this crisis have only been compounded by the Governor’s continued refusal to live within the state’s means.

“For months, job creators and businesses have floundered under government imposed shutdowns, and hardworking men and women have suffered. In the face of this devastation, rather than embracing structural reforms and working to help the job creators of this state, the Governor has decided to build a budget on the backs of employers and at the expense of Illinois’ infrastructure.

“The budget proposal put forth today is $1.7 billion out-of-balance, removes substantial businesses incentives, and redirects funding from critical infrastructure improvements. We will not grow our economy through the same failed gimmicks of the past.

“Rather than passing budgets that rely on magic money, we need to focus on doing what it takes to help Illinois recover, support our job creators and promote economic opportunity.”

Dave Syverson

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