Syverson issues statement on partisan legislative map

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) released the following statement after Democrat lawmakers passed their partisan legislative maps along party-lines:

“The recently passed map demonstrates that those in the majority care more about their seat than representing the people of this state. This is a map drawn by politicians to protect their own self-interest in government, not to represent the people of Illinois.

“For months we have heard from independent groups, such as the League of Women Voters, Change Illinois and the Better Government Association, who have called for an independent commission to have the authority to draw legislative boundaries, rather than politicians who only seek to protect themselves. 

“While those in the Democrat majority claim that this is a fair and representative map of the people of this state, we know the truth. This is a gerrymandered map that was crafted by Democrat lawmakers using estimates that only count one percent of the population and silences our voters. That’s not representation, that’s manipulation.

“Now that those in the Democrat majority have made it clear that they would rather pick their voters than give the people of this state a voice, I urge the Governor to act. He must live up to the promises he made that got him elected, recognize the danger partisan manipulation can have on the future of this state and veto this map drawn for politicians.”

Dave Syverson

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