Syverson calls for lawmakers to return to act upon energy legislation

Recently representatives of Climate Jobs Illinois announced an impasse in energy bill negotiations with the Clean Jobs coalition.

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley) released the following statement calling for legislative leaders to reconvene the Illinois General Assembly to pass legislation that would protect the state’s nuclear fleet and the thousands of workers who depend on the industry:

“Nuclear energy is clean, safe, reliable and affordable, all while providing hundreds of well-paying jobs to hardworking men and women of Illinois. Yet, no substantive steps have been taken to protect Illinois’ nuclear fleet at a time when Illinois’ can scarcely afford to put further strain on the state’s energy market.

“Nuclear would not be facing down financial devastation if it weren’t for the fact that recent changes in laws have unfairly impacted the industry’s ability to compete against highly-subsidized renewable energy products.

“As negotiations have reached a standstill, it’s time for action to be taken. It is past time for lawmakers to intervene. I urge our legislative leaders to bring lawmakers back to Springfield to help preserve our nuclear fleet and do what is necessary to stabilize this vital energy resource.”

Dave Syverson

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