Record investigations into state agencies

A historic number of complaints were reported in the Executive Inspector General’s report for Fiscal Year 2023. The 66-page report reveals that 3,078 complaints were filed, and 450 investigations were opened based on the information received by that office.

Of the 3,078 complaints filed, 450 investigations were opened during Fiscal Year 2023, with the Office of the Executive Inspector General issuing 147 founded reports of wrongdoing. Reports ranged from fraudulent conduct, unprofessional conduct and failing to act with integrity, mismanagement, improper reporting, hiring-related improprieties, misuse of state time and resources, and conflicts of interest and distributing confidential information.

Specific reports of wrongdoing include a human services caseworker who used a Link Card of an incarcerated individual for 13 months, sexual misconduct within the Department of Corrections, falsification of education on employment application, improper hiring of family members, and conducting political activities while on state time.

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley) says this scathing report is another example of the ongoing issues within the Pritzker Administration. He notes that this report followed several scathing audits of agencies under the Governor’s control, including an Illinois Departmen

Dave Syverson

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