Governor proposes $1 billion in new taxes to cover free healthcare and housing for non-citizens

SPRINGFIELD – Gov. JB Pritzker delivered his annual Budget Address Feb. 21, proposing a billion dollars in tax increases to fund the growing costs of the migrant crisis that he created in Illinois.

Even as grocery prices hit a 30-year high, the Governor’s new tax increases would hit families yet again by cutting their standard tax deduction. His plan would also go after small and large jobs creators, leaving Illinoisans earning less, paying more for goods and services.

Senator Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley) says since taking office, Pritzker has increased spending on non-citizen programs from just a few million dollars per year to now over a billion dollars, by offering free healthcare and housing to non-citizens. Also, the cost for education, social services, and crime-related expenses for this population adds another $1 billion hit to Illinois taxpayers.

Senator Syverson says increasing taxes on working families already hit hard just to fund free healthcare and housing for non-citizens is wrong and clearly shows the Governor’s misplaced priorities.

“This does not end well for Illinois if not stopped! Overall, the Governor’s spending would set a new record as the largest budget in the state’s history – $53 billion,” Syverson said. “Pritzker’s budget calls for $2 billion in new spending. That is on top of the $14 billion he has already increased in spending over the last six years.”

Senator Syverson said he is committed to fighting this proposed billion-dollar tax increase stating, “These dollars belong to the taxpayers who earned it and can spend it more wisely than this Administration can.”

Senator Syverson is asking for help from the public to tell Pritzker “NO” to these new tax hikes by signing his petition at

Dave Syverson

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