Sen Syverson files legislation requiring continuing education for elected officials

SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) has filed new legislation aimed at ensuring that those who represent Illinois citizens have at least a core understanding of economics.  Senate Bill 700 would require elected officials to take an eight hour course every two years covering basic economic theories and the interaction between economic theory and governmental policy.

“Elected officials need to understand how their actions affect families, the state, and local economies,” said State Senator Dave Syverson. “There is currently no requirement for even the most basic understanding of economics, which far too often leads to legislation and executive actions which have disastrous economic consequences.”

SB700 would require elected officials to take the eight hour class at their own expense. The actual program would be established by the Econ-Illinois Council on Economic Education at NIU and approved by the Illinois Community College Board.

“We require continuing education courses for doctors, lawyers, teachers, and even beauticians,” said Senator Syverson. “Elected officials should not be held to a different standard, especially considering the potential repercussions of their actions in office.”

Dave Syverson

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