Senator Syverson applauds ComEd for storm cleanup and recovery

SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) is thanking ComEd and their dedicated employees for their efforts to restore power to those affected last week by devastating tornadoes in northern Illinois.

“I cannot thank the employees of ComEd enough for their round-the-clock efforts to restore power after a massive tornado did significant damage to power grid,” said State Sen. Dave Syverson. “Their speed was absolutely amazing, and they were on site restoring electricity almost immediately. Initially around 60,000 homes were without power, but within hours that number had dwindled to less than a thousand. ComEd has clearly demonstrated that they are a tremendous asset to our area and a true community partner.”


Senator Syverson, Representative Pritchard, and IEAM Director James Joseph meet with ComEd employees during cleanup efforts.

Dave Syverson

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