Democrat leaders pass unbalanced “status quo budget”

SPRINGFIELD – According to State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford), Democrat leaders in the Illinois Senate moved to protect their broken status quo in Springfield by passing another unbalanced budget.

“I’m disappointed and I’m ashamed to see another unbalanced status quo budget rammed through, but it would be dishonest to say that I am surprised,” said Senator Syverson. “Democrat leaders seem completely unwilling to change their failed policies of the last 12 years, the same policies that keep sending residents and jobs packing.”

On May 27, Senate Democrats passed the first bills of their unbalanced budget on a party line vote without a single Republican voting yes.

Earlier in the same day, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted in similar partisan fashion to kill a negotiated reform measure aimed at helping grow jobs in Illinois by reforming the workers’ compensation system. The legislation was the result of weeks of negotiations with Republicans and Governor Bruce Rauner. Illinois’ workers’ compensation rates are currently the seventh-highest in the nation, and are often cited as a reason companies locate in other states.

“The residents of this state spoke loud and clear in November that they are done with single party rule and the broken status quo,” said Senator Syverson. “Governor Rauner has clearly offered compromise on the needed reforms, the budget, and even new revenue. But Democrat leaders have made it clear they have no desire to compromise, and they have no intention of fixing our state.”

Senator Syverson has repeatedly encouraged his Democrat colleagues to come back to the negotiating table and work with Republicans on reforming state government, improving the climate for job growth, and passing a truly balanced budget.

“It’s never too late to work on real bipartisan solutions,” said Senator Syverson. “But we can’t make any progress when only one side is at the table.”

Dave Syverson

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