Syverson: We need a real budget

Springfield – State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) says that the budget and tax hike package passed by the Illinois House on July 2 is still a long way from being becoming law.

“This budget, as it stands today, would do nothing more than continue the same status quo of failed government that got us here,” said Syverson. “This budget doesn’t have the reforms it needs to actually make it balanced and won’t actually address the backlog of bills.”

Syverson, as the Assistant Senate Republican Leader, has been in Springfield for all 13 days of the special session, working with his colleagues and helping to negotiate a real compromise on a budget. He noted that he feels like both sides have gotten very close, but that the recent incomplete budget package passed by the House do not match the agreements in place.

He noted that part of the budget bill relies on a borrowing plan that would do little more than pay interest on the bill backlog for 12 years.

“It’s actually surprising that they would even put a borrowing plan like that into bill form,” said Syverson. “We need real solutions, and I believe we’re close. We can’t just go back to the old status quo of hiking taxes and spending more. That’s why we’re here, and it has to end.”

The Senate is scheduled to return to session on July 4th at 10am.

“Negotiations are still going on, which is a good sign,” said Senator Syverson. “We need to make sure any deal includes property tax relief for our families, as well as real changes that will help stop the horrible outmigration of jobs and people from our state.”

Dave Syverson

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