Syverson: Senate overrides veto of legislation to help fund 9-1-1 service and revamp telecommunications services

Springfield – State Sen. Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) voted to override the veto of legislation to drive protect and improve the state’s 9-1-1 centers while helping push investment into upgrades for telecommunications services statewide.

“This will not only keep our 9-1-1 systems functioning but it will also help provide critical funding for those very programs,” said Syverson. “In addition, this is a chance to help move from 18th century telephone systems to a state of the art communications network.”

House Bill 1811 would re-implement the Emergency Telephone System Act, which expired on June 30th. In addition, the legislation contained provisions to help transition the state’s outdated landline telephone system into a modern 21st IP-based telecommunications system.

 “We can’t let our 9-1-1 systems shut down, that is absolutely unacceptable,” said Syverson. “This will help drive investment into both our emergency services systems and our telecommunications network, creating major advancements that will benefit everyone in Illinois.”

On June 30, Governor Rauner used his amendatory veto powers to remove surcharge increases contained in the legislation. On July 1, both chambers voted to override the veto as part of an agreed process.

“I’m glad we were able to work out all of the issues in the end, “said Senator Syverson. “And I applaud the Governor for his leadership on this issue.”

Dave Syverson

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