Syverson issues statement on Illinois Healthcare Right of Conscience Act

On Oct. 28, Democrat lawmakers passed changes to the Illinois Healthcare Right of Conscience Act.

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley), who has been vocal about his concerns with the proposal, issued the following statement opposition to the vote:

“The legislation that passed the Senate is going to make devastating changes to Illinois’ Healthcare Right of Conscience Act, a fundamental protection given to citizens to allow them the right to refuse a health-related procedure that goes against their moral and religious convictions.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, Governor Pritzker has gone against what this Act stands for time and time again, attacking the right of an individual to make a health choice for themselves. Enough is enough.

“He has attempted to force workers across the state to receive the vaccine or participate in mandatory testing, but that’s not enough for him. Instead of considering someone outside his circle’s point of view, he is changing the rules. He wants total control, even at the expense of an individual’s moral or religious beliefs.”

Dave Syverson

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