Syverson: Pritzker’s budget hikes taxes by nearly $1 billion

SPRINGFIELD – Governor JB Pritzker signed into law a record-breaking $53 billion state budget Wednesday that continues his five years of tax-and-spend fiscal policy and increases taxes by nearly $1 billion.

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Cherry Valley) says government spending has increased by 32 percent since Gov. Pritzker took office.

“For his sixth budget, Gov. Pritzker once again chooses big government instead of helping overtaxed, struggling working families. He has forced through a record-breaking $53 billion budget that provides billions in benefits for noncitizens,” Sen. Syverson said. “It is A LOT more of the same tax-and-spend fiscal games – and about $1 billion more in higher taxes for Illinoisans.”

Syverson says he has opposed such record spending by Pritzker because it poses a serious risk to Illinois’ fiscal stability.

“No state or country has ever taxed its way into prosperity. When talking about the new tax increases, all we hear from the left is that they just want people to pay their fair share,” Sen. Syverson said, “Why do taxpayers have to give up more and more of their hard-earned tax dollars? How about government learning to live within its means like working families do?”

Syverson says Pritzker’s open door sanctuary policy has led to unchecked spending that has resulted in tax increases to provide free top-level healthcare to adult noncitizens. Illinois taxpayers – including local property taxpayers – are also covering the cost of the noncitizen children’s healthcare, housing, cash assistance, daycare, education, and other social service programs.

Fiscal Year 2025 runs from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025.

Dave Syverson

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