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WEEK IN REVIEW: May 13-17, 2019

Controversy continues to swirl around Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s plan to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults in Illinois, while it appears a great

Senate Week in Review: May 6-10, 2019

Controversy surrounding Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s plan to legalize recreational cannabis dominated the week, while a MAP grant expansion proposal that could cost current college students

Senate Week in Review: April 22-26, 2019

A number of pieces of legislation have recently passed the Illinois Senate including a bill to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a measure that would

Week in Review: April 8-12, 2019

A Senate committee advanced a controversial graduated income tax plan during the week, while the full Senate passed a number of bills to the House

WEEK IN REVIEW: April 1-5, 2019

Citizens and advocacy groups from across the state crowded the Capitol during the week, voicing their support or opposition to hundreds of bills currently being

WEEK IN REVIEW: March 18-22, 2019

Senate Committees met throughout the week, considering a wide variety of legislation ahead of the March 22 deadline to move Senate Bills out of committees.

Dave Syverson

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