Syverson donates irresponsible legislator pay raise to Boone County Fair

“This pay raises awarded to lawmakers should never have been allowed to stand in the budget, especially after a year in which families, businesses and communities across the state have struggled. However, the Democrat majority pushed forward and Governor Pritzker approved the pay raises by signing the state budget into law. Lawmakers are not supposed to be here for the money, but rather the opportunity to serve.”
“I am happy, however, that this money can go back to the community. I chose the Boone County Fair because it has such a far-reaching impact on the lives of so many. The fair brings joy to the thousands, it provides opportunities for local businesses and gives so many 4-H and FFA students the chance to showcase their skills and handiwork. We need to do all we can to help keep our county fairs going strong.”
On August 11, Sen. Syverson presented a $1,500 check to representatives of the Boone County Fair Association.

In 2019, a record 222,131 people attend the Boone County Fair.

Dave Syverson

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