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Broken Promises 

Gov. JB Pritzker broke his campaign promise to Illinoisans on June 4 by signing two partisan, gerrymandered legislative maps into law that were drawn by


Syverson issues statement on partisan legislative map

State Senator Dave Syverson (R-Rockford) released the following statement after Democrat lawmakers passed their partisan legislative maps along party-lines: “The recently passed map demonstrates that


Political insiders over Illinois families

State Sen. Syverson joins hisSenate Republican colleagues in renewing their calls for Gov. Pritzker to make good on his campaign promise to support an independent


Syverson sponsors People’s Independent Maps Act

Syverson sponsors People’s Independent Maps Act Aims to restore public trust in Illinois’ redistricting process Seeking to address Illinois’ longstanding history of gerrymandering, State Senator


Redistricting Process Begins

The Illinois Senate and House Redistricting committees began this week to hold the first of many hearings as the once-a-decade remap process gets underway. Every

Dave Syverson

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